CCTV & Digital Surveillance Systems

With the growing awareness and demand for electronic security and surveillance systems today, and with rapidly developing technology, Shoreline Technologies are at the forefront in providing commerce and industry with high-tech surveillance solutions. Counting among’st our Clients Papua New Guinea’s leading commercial and industrial organisations, Shoreline Technologies will provide you with the expertise and professionalism to meet your current and future requirements.

CCTV & Digital Surveillance Brands We Use In Our Projects

We make sure that the cameras are of high quality before we start the installation, and if they fail to impress, we will advise you to get a high definition camera.

We are determined to provide the best CCTV installation services. Shoreline Technologies professionals install scale-able, and thoroughly tested remote video solutions which can enhance continuous surveillance of your location and business premises.

We have to enhance the transition of our clients from analog to IP- based security solutions.

Team Shoreline Technologies is affiliated with prominent suppliers of CCTV packages. Therefore, this assures you that we will provide the best video surveillance installation services in town. Regardless of the size of your responsibility, we will help you achieve your dreams. Our trusted brands for CCTV supplies are Samsung, Axis, Grandstream, Bosch, Vivotek, and HikVision, among others.

Camera Types & Applications

Dark Fighter Technology Cameras

These type of cameras are capable of picking up images in shallow light conditions.

They are used 24/7, and they can provide excellent service. These cameras can pick up high definition images with minimum light. Therefore, they are suitable for security surveillance during the night.

Dark fighter Technology Cameras have additional merits as illustrated below.

  • Camera has smart qualities.
  • It can detect a line crossing, face, and also the audio.
  • has a wide range of applications.
  • Offers high-resolution camera capacity.
Dark Fighter Camera

ANPR/ LPR Cameras

They are applied in reading and capturing the data on recording plates. They provide an efficient and simplified solution to most firms, such as overstay management in hotels, car parking, and tolling.

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and License Plate Recognition (LPR) Cameras are capable of getting suspicious information in highly congested areas to promote security.

These devices have the following smart features.

  • It can store information
  • Are capable of identifying unauthorized vehicles within the premises.
  • Enhance the smooth running of business activities.
ANPR / LPR Cameras

The Dome Cameras

Dome camera’s are the most common type of camera for both outdoor and indoor security applications, and it is almost impossible for the onlookers to predict the direction in which the camera is facing.

Shoreline Technologies highly recommends this type of camera given its features.

There are two variants for this camera type: the external and internal dome cameras.

They offer additional features as listed below

  • Easy to install
  • Resistant to vandalism
  • They have night vision capability
Dome Camera
Bullet Camera

Bullet Camera

The Bullet cameras have a cylindrical shape. They are long and can be utilized for outdoor security surveillance.

C-Mount Camera

It can fit in various applications because it has detachable lenses. It suits the technological changes that may take place in the future.

Day/Night Camera

It operates in any light environment. It captures HD videos.

Current Industrial Applications of CCTV & Digital Surveillance Systems Installed By Shoreline Technologies

Office & Commercial
Scrap Metal & Recycling

Transport & Logistics
Storage & Warehousing
Shopping Centers
Automotive Dealerships
Industrial & Manufacturing
Residential & Accommodation