Panic & Duress Systems

Whether in a hospital, school or in a manufacturing facility, emergencies come up and need to be acknowledged either discreetly or in a way to notify the authorities. When thinking about putting these systems in place, it’s very important to understand the distinction between a duress and panic alarm.

A duress alarm acts as a silent notification to either local building security and/or a central station. in turn trigger’s an active response to deal situations where a quiet response is necessary. These systems can be found in banking, education and corporate environments where a criminal can enter quickly and cause an incident.

A panic alarm is intended to provide notification. Not only to local building security and/or a central station, but also, the personnel in the area. Such applications include locations where medical emergencies, chemical spills, terrorist threat, disgruntled employees and a host of other events might occur.

Both duress and panic alarm systems take many different shapes. From a wireless switch in a cash drawer to a mushroom push button in a laboratory setting that sets off horns and strobes. Use our team of Shoreline technologies experts to design and customize a solution to meet your needs.