Our Complete Range of Security Systems Solutions


Proactive video monitoring can see and deter trespassers, thieves, and criminals before you suffer loss or damage. Shoreline Technologies is the leader in delivering monitoring solutions, from advanced control rooms to remote access monitoring, Shoreline Technologies has you covered.


A vehicle tracking system combines the use of an automatic vehicle locator in individual vehicles with software that collects fleet data for a comprehensive picture of the vehicle locations. We use GPS technology for locating the vehicles. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via Internet or on our specialized software

GPS tracking system is easy to use, mobile friendly, has an intuitive user interface and is designed to communicate with a wide variety of GPS devices (trackers), including smart phones and tablets.

Technical Maintenance

No matter what safety and security system you have protecting your business, Shoreline Technologies has a maintenance package to keep it working the way it was designed to. Our services include regular maintenance, patches, and upgrades to help you stay ahead of potential threats.

Risk Assessment

A threat and risk assessment is the first starting point for any business to ensure safety and security. Shoreline Technologies believe you cannot adequately protect yourself from any threat that could damage your building, your people or your brand without knowing what your vulnerabilities are and how a threat could exploit them. We provide free ISO/ASNZ Risk Assessment to business in Papua New Guinea.


We are a leader in providing IT solutions and support services to small and mid-sized businesses. In addition to usual business networking and desktop support solutions, we have in-depth specializations in a myriad of business industries and operations in Papua New guinea.

Electrical Fencing

Shoreline Technologies is fully resourced to provide you with fast, efficient and secure electrical fencing solutions. Along with our fanatic dedication to quality and our decade of experience, this gives our clients several distinct advantages. We have built our reputation by serving our clients well and for the long term.

Security Systems

As one of the fastest growing privately owned security technology companies in the Papua New guinea, Shoreline Technologies embraces its role of providing exceptional, high-quality, professional security systems and services to all clients, employees, patrons and community members who work, visit or live at the sites we protect.  It is the goal of our company to develop trusted business partnerships with our clients. Our clientele depend on us for the highest caliber training and state-of-the-art protection and we work to exceed their expectations.


For all your Physical security needs you can contact our sister company SECURITYPLUS