Why Shoreline Technologies Surveillance & Monitoring Solution Systems?

Shoreline Technologies, through its state of the art category B monitoring center, can live track any vehicle fitted with our tracking devices, or anybody with a personal tracker, anywhere in Papua New Guinea.

We are proud to state that we are the only company in country with fully integrated interactive mapping which allows us to pin point your vehicles location exactly, even down to section and lot numbers.We have a dedicated team working shifts 24/7 to track, monitor and react to any scenario, from vehicle breakdowns to duress emergencies. Each monitoring room technician has been thoroughly trained to deal with simple service requests to the most complex emergency situations.

It is because of this training partnered with the technology and our mapping that we are able to provide a rapid response and do our very best to ensure your safety and that of your assets.As well as vehicle and personal trackers, our intruder alarm system also feeds directly back to the monitoring center, this again enables a technician to react to any faults that may show, or attending to an alarm that may have been triggered.

The monitoring center can deal with numerous issues at any given time efficiently and professional and this is what gives our clients peace of mind when they choose our products and services.Our aim is to ensure through this technology that our clients remain safe at all times, whether in their own homes or out in their vehicles, and because of this Shoreline boasts a 100% record of stolen vehicles being recovered.

Our vehicle trackers have proven to help fleet companies control the movement of their vehicles by creating Geo fencing and by putting speed limitations on each vehicle, it has also proven very effective in the prevention of fuel theft and better control of fuel usage