Security Risk & Threat Assessment

A threat and risk assessment is the first starting point for any business serious about its safety and security. Shoreline Technologies believe you cannot adequately protect yourself from any threat that could damage your building, your people or your brand without knowing what your vulnerabilities are and how a threat could exploit them.

For a successful threat and risk assessment we need to identify what the assets are and how your organisation interacts with them. It is important here to understand both people and the culture that surrounds assets. For example, there is no point spending more on security than the assets are worth, there is also little financial value in investing in security measures that are protecting against a very low or non-existence risk. Shoreline Technologies will through unbiased assessments steer you towards what your organisation needs to protect itself from the risks it is exposed to.

All of Shoreline Technologies Risk & Threat Assessment Services are free of charge and comply with or surpass ISO and ASNZ standards

Risk Assessment & Compliance Services

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