Shoreline Technologies is Papua New Guineas leading GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions provider, with over 10 years of industry excellence we cater to all needs and sizes. We provide tracking solutions for private vehicles right through to fleet management solutions for large logistics and distribution Business.

Our service is nationwide, and operates from a robust, versatile platform that guarantees you will always know the location, status and all the information you require anytime, every time.

The Tracking Solution Tools You Need. The Flexibility You Want.

We understand that all companies operate in their own way. There is no single GPS tracking solution that will fit every business or even most businesses. That’s why our platform’s services are tailored to the needs of you, your business, and your clients. The Shoreline Technologies tracking platform delivers an experience unique to your needs, enabling you to monitor the information most important to your business.

Device Agnostic

Over 400 devices integrated. And counting. No matter what you bring to the table, our GPS tracking software will fit the bill.
Multiple configurable modules. Shape our platform to meet your unique needs.
99.9% Up-time

Your business relies on reliable software. Rely on us for around-the-clock up-time.
Nationwide Coverage

We cover all 21 provinces In Papua New Guinea Businesses across the country trust the Shoreline Technology platform to track and manage their assets.